Our 8th Grade team of robot and chicken enthusiast worked tirelessly through the fall of 2018 and winter 2019. We built and tested. Re-built and tested. Competed.  Re-built. And finally headed to the Illinois State Competition in early March 2019.  After a  long day of stiff competition, we landed first place in state, never losing in the autonomous competition and ending with a record of 7-1 in tournament play.  We are now working towards the VEX World competition.

It started a few years ago.  A few U10 soccer players (off the field) and a Lego First

2015 First Lego League

competition.  The challenge sparked an interest.  That interest led to trying VEX Robotics in 2017.  And the 7th grade middle school VEX Robotics team famously become known as the Robot Chickens (do we sense a theme here?).  The team lived up to its name.  A great group of Chicken Robots.



2018 Maker Faire (Same soccer players……now official Makers!)


The 2018 VEX competition and while we did not win it all, we came away meeting our goals and with an excitement to start earlier for 2019.  Besides the Cone Lifting Robot, the Robot Chickens have since developed a soccer player robot to test out some new parts and test some ideas for the 2019 competition.